descriptionNORDUnet Network Inventory Project
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6 days ago Markus KroghNow using yield, and added startswith
8 days ago Markus KroghMove tele2 info down
8 days ago Markus KroghAdding tele2 cable contract
8 days ago Markus KroghFix optical_node no type creation error
9 days ago Markus KroghUsing crispy forms everywhere
9 days ago Markus KroghExtract handle port rather than copy paste
9 days ago Markus KroghDescription on default lists, extract info_row
12 days ago Markus KroghAdd description. NORDUNIDEV-241
12 days ago Markus KroghFix uniqueness check. NORDUNIDEV-242
2017-01-30 Markus KroghMake ports work again, use crispy differently
2017-01-24 Markus KroghFix description
2017-01-24 Markus KroghMerge branch 'descriptions'
2017-01-24 Markus Kroghtypo node not ndoe
2017-01-23 Markus KroghAdding description to customer list
2017-01-23 Markus KroghMerge branch 'descriptions'
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