descriptionNORDUnet Network Inventory Project
last changeThu, 21 May 2015 10:24:43 +0000 (12:24 +0200)
4 days ago Johan LundbergFat finger syndrome strikes again. master
2015-04-09 Johan LundbergPort type is no longer required.
2015-04-09 Johan LundbergAdded new port types.
2015-03-30 Johan LundbergHandle AttributeError if NodeHandle never had History.
2015-03-30 Johan LundbergAdded python path configuration for fix script.
2015-03-30 Johan LundbergAdded a script to update NodeHandles modified and modif...
2015-03-27 Johan LundbergAdded scripts for cloning and bootstrapping NOCLook.
2015-03-25 Johan LundbergPEP-8
2015-03-25 Johan LundbergFirewalls can now have ports.
2015-03-25 Johan LundbergAdded new node type PDU.
2015-03-25 Johan LundbergHosts and Switches can now have ports.
2015-03-25 Johan LundbergThe labels are now updated when a node changed type.
2015-03-25 Johan LundbergAdded missing API resources.
2015-03-25 Johan LundbergUpdated templates and added template for PDU.
2015-03-25 Johan LundbergCatch exception when trying to JSON load an empty string.
2015-03-23 Johan LundbergUpdated code to reflect the new norduniclient.
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