descriptionNORDUnet Network Inventory Project
last changeWed, 25 Mar 2015 11:25:13 +0000 (12:25 +0100)
35 hours ago Johan LundbergPEP-8 master
35 hours ago Johan LundbergFirewalls can now have ports.
35 hours ago Johan LundbergAdded new node type PDU.
35 hours ago Johan LundbergHosts and Switches can now have ports.
35 hours ago Johan LundbergThe labels are now updated when a node changed type.
35 hours ago Johan LundbergAdded missing API resources.
35 hours ago Johan LundbergUpdated templates and added template for PDU.
35 hours ago Johan LundbergCatch exception when trying to JSON load an empty string.
3 days ago Johan LundbergUpdated code to reflect the new norduniclient.
3 days ago Johan LundbergMoved info logging to start of function.
3 days ago Johan LundbergDo not remove items from the list that is looped over.
3 days ago Johan LundbergNew clone script.
7 days ago Johan LundbergShow dangling Cables in Equipment ports.
7 days ago Johan LundbergRelationship start and end are no longer Node objects.
8 days ago Johan LundbergRelationships no longer loads the NodeModel as start...
8 days ago Johan LundbergPEP-8 and post merge fixing.
35 hours ago master
2 weeks ago 1.0
6 weeks ago neo4jdb-python
23 months ago nidev-consumer
2 years ago django-activity-stream
2 years ago django-reversion
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