descriptionCertificate Transparency log server (RFC6962)
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2 days ago Linus NordbergLook for root last in list, not anywhere in list.
4 days ago Linus NordbergUpdate NEWS.
4 days ago Linus NordbergDon't store root cert twice when included in submission.
4 days ago Linus NordbergDo test public interface for normalise_chain/2.
8 days ago Linus NordbergBump version number.
11 days ago Magnus AhltorpSupport requirement that storage servers sign stored...
13 days ago Linus NordbergReplace use of nc(1) in with new plopcontr...
2017-02-11 Linus NordbergReady for catlfish-0.10.0. catlfish-0.10.0
2017-02-10 Linus NordbergAdd info on the *addresses options.
2017-02-10 Linus NordbergAdd another config option change.
2017-02-10 Linus NordbergProposed
2017-02-10 Linus NordbergBe more careful with secret keys.
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