descriptionCertificate Transparency log server (RFC6962)
last changeTue, 13 Mar 2018 21:36:57 +0000 (22:36 +0100)
2018-03-13 Magnus AhltorpUpdate reltool.config to match new location of hackney... master
2017-10-26 Linus NordbergAdd `--maxcerts' argument to
2017-10-26 Linus NordbergRetry submission when server replies with 429 Too Many...
2017-10-26 Linus NordbergSubmit certificates on the same http session.
2017-09-19 Magnus AhltorpAdd descriptions to log node configuration man page
2017-09-06 Linus NordbergAdd install target.
2017-09-06 Linus NordbergUse full INSTDIR; Add kernel name (system) to filename
2017-09-05 Linus NordbergAdd missing hsm/*.
2017-09-05 Linus NordbergAdd 'dist' target.
2017-07-26 Magnus AhltorpAdd descriptions to log configuration man page
2017-07-26 Magnus AhltorpOutput optional and defaults to configuration man page
2017-07-26 Magnus AhltorpAllow optional reading only for optional configuration...
2017-07-25 Magnus AhltorpRemove erroneous 'filedb' db name from python merge
2017-07-25 Magnus AhltorpUse centralized config parsing in
2017-07-25 Magnus AhltorpChange paths/mergedb to paths/db in local config
2017-07-20 Magnus AhltorpAllow unknown configuration keys, but warn
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