Project Description Owner Last Change
LDAPShell.git A perl-based shell for fiddlin... 5 years ago
OpenSC.git Open source smart card tools... 3 years ago
OpenSC.tokend.git Tokend module for Mac OS X... 3 years ago
OpenSSH.git OpenSSH for Mac OS X with... 3 years ago
acp-breeze-apps.git Adobe Connect (breeze) XSLT... 6 years ago
activity-stream-poc.git Proof of concept code for... 4 years ago
asgard-config.git NORDUNet Web Application HA... 3 years ago
asgard.git NORDUNet Web Application HA... 3 years ago
bgp-logger.git Store BGP updates from BGPMon... 6 years ago
brainstorm.git SWAMI Brainstorm 5 years ago
canit-outlookplugin.git Plugin for Microsoft Windows... 10 months ago
canit-spamvoter.git Parses mail files and votes... 3 years ago
capirca.git Multi-platform ACL generation... 12 months ago
catlfish-dockerfiles.git catlfish docker files 2 months ago
catlfish.git Certificate Transparency log... 5 months ago
cdr-store.git Billing and CDR Processing... 4 years ago
cfengine-promises.git cfengine promises 2 years ago
check-acp.git A nagios check for Adobe Conne... 6 years ago
coip.git COIP 3 years ago
cosmos-devops-test.git Cosmos DevOps testing 14 months ago
ct-ops.git git version control 4 months ago
django-changepw.git Generic change password django app 3 years ago
django-co-connector.git Django CO Connector 4 years ago
django-flowgraph.git Site for presentation of flow... 2 years ago
django-tools.git NORDUnet django tools 5 years ago
django-user-channels.git Django User Channels 5 years ago
dnscheck-nsd.git Parses nsd configuration and... 23 months ago
docker-shibboleth-idp.git Dockerized shibboleth-identity... 11 months ago
easy-eventsite.git Frontend driven eventsite... 2 years ago
eduid-cosmos.git cfg management for eduid servers 5 days ago
eduid-ops.git eduid multiverse 4 weeks ago
eduid-packages.git eduid packages 6 months ago
edumeta.git Location metadata manager... 12 months ago
eduroam-stats.git Generate Eduroam statistics 5 years ago
enterprise404.git An error handler with getsatis... 5 years ago
flow-cleaner.git Tool for removing unneeded... 11 months ago
fordrop.git Forensic Dropbox 4 years ago
gs-login.git getsatisfaction sign-on soluti... 5 years ago
inacademia-ops.git git version control 8 days ago
inacademia.git git version control 14 months ago
jaas-external.git NORDUnet External Hook JAAS... 5 years ago
keepass.git Keepass database 8 months ago
krb-otp.git Kerberos FAST OTP 4 years ago
libradsec.git RADIUS library with support... 2 years ago
libsofthsm.git Software HSM implementation 6 years ago
lobber-client.git Java Applet BitTorrent Client 5 years ago
lobber-deluge-core.git Deluge plugin for Lobber 3 years ago
lobber-deluge-dropbox.git Deluge plugin implementing... No commits
lobber-monitor.git Tools for monitoring lobber 5 years ago
lobber-storagenode.git Standalone storage node for... 4 years ago
lobber.git Sharing files 3 years ago
maconomy-hours.git Maconomy Hours 6 weeks ago
maconomy.git Maconomy 16 months ago
mailconv.git Scripts for converting and... 4 years ago
mds.git Media Distribution 3 years ago
meetingtools.git SUNET Meetingtools 18 months ago
ncs-boilerplate.git Generic boilerplate project... 4 years ago
ndn-acp-client.git Java client library for Adobe... 2 months ago
ndn-ncs.git NORDUnet NCS service 3 days ago
ndn-ops.git NORDUnet Cosmos ops 8 months ago
ndn-saml-ds.git NDN, SUNET and SWAMI SAML... 4 years ago
ndn-shib-ds.git NDN SAML discovery services No commits
ndn-shib-fticks.git Shibboleth F-Ticks 22 months ago
ndn-shib-idp.git NDN Shibboleth IdP (skin) 3 years ago
ndn-sso.git NORDUnet SSO 2 months ago
nistore-history.git Network Inventory Data nigit 9 months ago
nistore.git Network Inventory Data nigit 2 hours ago
nordubot.git Jabber bot framework 4 years ago
norduni.git NORDUnet Network Inventory... 8 days ago
nunoc-dockerfiles.git nunoc dockerfiles 4 months ago
nunoc-ops.git nunoc server ops 8 days ago
opendnssec-auditor.git OpenDNSSEC Auditor 6 years ago
opendnssec-conf.git OpenDNSSEC Configuration 6 years ago
opendnssec-enforcer.git OpenDNSSEC Enforcer 6 years ago
opendnssec-libhsm.git OpenDNSSEC HSM Library 6 years ago
opendnssec-signer.git OpenDNSSEC Signer 6 years ago
opennsa.git OpenNSA is an implementation... 2 months ago
opentracker.git Opentracker with accesscontrol... 5 years ago
plop.git Transparency backend, for... 3 months ago
radsecproxy-web.git radsecproxy web pages 5 weeks ago
radsecproxy.git RADIUS proxy with support... 12 days ago
root-template.git /root No commits
saml-md-aggregator.git SAML Metadata Aggregator 4 years ago
saml-md-beans.git SAML Metadata XML Beans 5 years ago
saml-md-tools.git SAML Metadata XSLT tools 6 years ago
sunet-kmf-log.git sunet kmf log 2 years ago
sunet-nistore.git SUNET Network Inventory Data 9 months ago
sunet-ops.git sunet server ops 7 months ago
swamid-saml-ds.git NDN, SUNET and SWAMI SAML... 4 years ago
tflows.git POC tool for aggregation of... 2 years ago
user/john/catlfish.git John's CT repository John Van de Meulebrouck... 11 months ago
user/josef/catlfish.git git version control 4 months ago
user/linus/catlfish-dockerfiles.git Linus' catlfish-dockerfiles... Linus Nordberg 2 months ago
user/linus/catlfish.git Linus' CT repository Linus Nordberg 2 weeks ago
user/linus/plop.git Linus' plop repository Linus Nordberg 2 months ago
user/map/catlfish-dockerfiles.git git version control 8 weeks ago
user/map/catlfish.git Magnus' CT repository Magnus Ahltorp 6 weeks ago
user/map/plop.git Magnus' plop repository Magnus Ahltorp 6 weeks ago
user/ragge/catlfish.git Ragges CT repository Ragnar Sundblad 13 months ago